Wednesday, October 3, 2007

made it through THE dreaded day

Crowning royalty for homecoming was very "alternate universe." The court sat on stage in the typical theater crowns while the entire school filed by to shake hands and the drum group sang an honoring song. Just the mixing of cultures.

Somehow the hallways actually look decent after the entire school took two hours decorating them this morning. How this chaos got approved is beyond me. But better than feared.

The whole "Fear Factor" game this afternoon, also somehow turned out okay. I don't understand the appeal of eating disgusting things/making yourself sick. Nor does watching do it seem fun. But students stayed in the gym and pretty much behaved.

Finally, even though I didn't really have time to get nervous about parent night, I was impressed with how smoothly it went. If we count the parent I talked to during the day as a follow through to a referral earlier this week (my first, ugh) then I talked with ~20% of my parents today. Everyone seemed to like my grading strategy. Though some students might be getting lectured tonight about how they're not doing work for class or for not doing better on tests. (Yay parents who support teachers!)

So if we can make it through quizzes and pep rally tomorrow and whatever happens on Friday then I'll be set for my long weekend. Visit and prep.

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