Saturday, July 26, 2008

Building My Motivation

There are moments where I find it difficult to believe that I am going back to a second year. When the stress of school is overwhelming, even in the midst of summer.

In an effort to improve my outlook, some things I'm looking forward to this year.
  • Being more prepared than last year.
  • Already having established favorite resources while planning. (If you want more, look at my account--it's listed over to the side.)
  • New math teacher.
  • Greater motivation to collaborate with new math teacher. (We'll be living together, so my guess is it will be hard to avoid.)
  • Introducing class blogs. (Planning to be a teacher-centered list of resources. I can't count on students having a constant phone, never mind internet access. But I can publish websites where you can practice and set students to work on them when they come in for tutoring.)
  • Hope that as a returning teacher, I'll have better relationships with students.
  • This year's precalculus class--I already know most of the students who will be in it and they know me.
  • Word-problem warm-up journals.
  • Teaching organization skills through notebooks.
  • More groupwork for discovery lessons.
  • Having actual discovery lessons.
  • Knowing more about how different manipulatives work.
  • Hearing back from last year's seniors. (Though I'm afraid they'll be like campers and not really keep me updated as much as I'd like.)
  • Creating studentwork that can decorate our classroom.
  • Being more of a stickler about teaching what the class should be, not falling back to where students were left behind. Running with them to catch up.
I've got some of my motivation back for the moment. At least, I'm feeling positive enough to make it through the rest of the night.

I'll be out of town celebrating my grandmother's 80th birthday for the next week. After that, I'll drive back across the country to start in-service. Here's to savoring the break of summer so that there's energy enough come fall.


Anne said...

I'm oscillating wildly between extreme excitement and optimism, and heavy anxiety and dread. Hoping to come out on top! Thanks for the motivation :)

Jackie said...

Sarah -

You're further along than I. I'm still trying to get a handle on the content in my new preps.

I've got to brag- a few of last years seniors have already been in contact with me, which has been very nice. Sharing news of AP scores, college roommates, ... fun stuff. I hope yours follow through. I'm thinking of sending an email to a few of them right before school starts wishing them success in college.

Sarah Cannon said...

Anne Glad the motivation helped. Especially since you know the exact dread this was meant to combat.

Jackie Oh, I'm fully convinced you're further along than I am. I'm keeping the same preps, but overhauling everything. And I have less than half of my long term plans mapped out. I'm starting at the lowest levels and building up, so I'm not sure what content I still need to review.

Thankfully, a week at the beach banishes the thought. Back for real in a few more days.