Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday Night Comes Too Soon

I'm still plugging along here. Somewhere I know that I'm doing better than a year ago, I am able to take brief breaks, but I still feel overwhelmed.

Teacher Me

One of my friends complained that I haven't taken pictures of myself recently. As a way of making myself feel better about staying late Friday afternoon, I took some shots of the classroom. I posted them on Flickr and had a request to share with a group within a day.

View from the back of the class

It's not the best time in the year for classroom set-up, but here are a couple of pictures for inspiration whenever it helps.

Word wall


Kate said...

Ooooh, nice word wall!

Sarah Cannon said...

D'oh. Just remembered that I meant to let you know I had the picture of the word wall up. (I actually included it because of the word walls you keep mentioning.)

It doesn't give the definitions, but I like being able to point back to what we've talked about so far.