Wednesday, December 3, 2008

PSA from my sister

Much as I hate it, sometimes drill practice is what students need to internalize a concept. I'd rather have the computer generate and check problems than do it myself. I'm excited that FreeRice subjects now includes "Basic Math/Prealgebra." I don't know that I'll pull it out in class, but I will use it during tutoring. 

Sharing here in hopes that someone will be as excited as I was when my sister told me about it.


Jackie Ballarini said...

Thanks for the heads up on this one!

Sarah Cannon said...

I started sharing it with students today. Some seemed excited about it.

Introducing it to the class by projecting the website was interested. Everyone shouted out the first answer (you could hear the eyeroll in their 3 + 5 = 8). It didn't take long for them to lose confidence. I wanted to show how if you miss a question, it takes you back to an easier one so you can stay in your comfort zone, but it was hard to judge whose comfort zone to play to.

bluesky said...

Another great charity site is It donates money to children in need through World Vision.

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Anne said...

oooh- I'm not so excited about the math part, but I'm very excited that they have GERMAN!! for me, not for my students obviously :)