Monday, February 9, 2009

Warrior from the Rez Ain't Never Gonna Quit

The New York Times has a video story about a girl from the Lower Brule Reservation. It's amazing how familiar the first half of the video is*. I haven't been to Lower Brule reservation, never met Cheryl, but it captures some essence of life here.

The second half is more positive than I often feel. I see too many of my students going down without a fight. The crab story, told frequently here, doesn't quite fit. I feel like we climb half-way up the bucket, lose grip, and slide back down.

*The drums at the beginning don't sound as familiar. The ones at the pow-wow sound right.


Carol said...

So what's the link to the story?

Sarah Cannon said...

You can click here.

Anne said...

did I tell you I showed this to my classes (kind of, the streaming was slow) and one of my girls saw one of her cousins in it? Yeah... it's not far off.