Monday, March 31, 2008

Or I'll just be a lazy bum

My plan of working on blog posts was not fulfilled today. But I did catch up on reading your blogs! So many new posts in my reader; I only missed four days. Other activities from the day (listed so I don't feel like the complete slacker, even if I am one).

  • Got more sleep
  • Finished reading One Hundred Years of Solitude (Also, after a friend asked if I understood it, I scanned the wikipedia article and took the Sparknotes quiz. I didn't get a perfect score but 88% isn't bad for a "whatever I get out of  it" read.)
  • Tried a new tofu recipe for lunch. (Hot lunch that I want to eat on a weekday. Luxury indeed.)
  • Half-watched LOTR: The Two Towers 
  • Took time to go through links and check out some new blogs (because there wasn't enough new material coming in through the reader)
  • Read the early posts of teachers who have made it past the few years to reassure myself that you felt like miserable teachers at one point too
  • Baked pizza for dinner
  • Attempted to build snowman
  • Read up on fractions in Elementary School Mathematics: Teaching Developmentally by John Van de Walle (suggested by Dan, who I still owe a huge THANK YOU for talking with me in January)
  • E-mailed my principal my plan of study for the year 
On the one hand I feel like I should have "done something productive" with the time off. On the other hand, I'm continually learning that I have to take time to myself. It may have been low-key, but today was definitely not a waste. (Except for the whole learning time thing. I'm not sure how this will mess with our testing schedule. Joy to find out in the morning.)

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