Thursday, April 3, 2008

To remember when students hate on me

Subtitle: Like when I ask the student who's missed one-third of the school year what he wants from this class and am told "for you not to be my teacher"

At the beginning of year T was one of my nightmare students. I don't know why we butted heads, but it was bad. The "at least I don't have to kick you out of the classroom this time because you walked out on me" nightmare situation. I couldn't motivate her to do the work. At the end of the first semester she had a solid failing grade. 

I'm not sure what happened, but this semester has been much better. T's still not passing, but is much closer.

Today we went over grade reports and had a chance to do extra credit or makeup work. T's conference:

Ms. C and T are standing beside each other by T's desk.

Ms. C: Okay, so here's your report...
T: Shh, be quiet so other people can't hear.
Ms. C lowers voice even more and leans in close.
Ms. C: These are your absences, obviously they're hurting you. 
These are your quiz grades. You're doing well recently, but here were some rough ones.
Here are your participation grades. I know you've been doing them, but make sure to turn them in to get the grades. Remember when you miss school that hurts you too.
Now you can do either of these assignments to bring up your grade up....
T: flipping through binder Hey. Those worksheets that I didn't finish earlier, could I turn those in for credit?
keeps flipping to some material from the beginning of the year
Remember last year when I didn't like you and wouldn't do the work? Can I make that up?

Ah. Last year. I love the implicit message here that something really has changed since then.

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sharon said...

Sarah -- this one is SO cool! Thanks for sharing it.

Aunt Sharon