Friday, April 4, 2008

"Didn't we take this test already?"

"Yes. But they want to give you the same test so they can see how much you've learned."

I hate saying it. I don't believe it.

The same exact test. Three times a year. For at least four years.

I don't blame the senior who just bubbled it in. (Though, I still wouldn't let him move on to the next section until a convincing amount of time had passed.) When I did the "listening comprehension" section with him, he would tell me the answer before I read the sentence. I asked what the sentence was; he knew the key words.

Between not trying and being completely bored, it doesn't sound like a valid measure to me. But this test is just for the school and the biggest impact for students is that is helps determine if you can be in the Gifted and Talented program. Really it's the time out of class that bugs me the most.

Never mind that it's not aligned with my standards. (Which is impressive given how general they are.) So I rebel. Teaching them Roman Numbers could improve their standing. Instead I teach them algebra, because that's the class name, even though there are only three questions that the test categorizes as algebra.


At least it's done for this year? 

And really, outside of the Super Bowl and European Kings, Queens, and Popes, when do you use Roman Numerals?

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mm needs to bkmark this blog too said...

i just got to catch up on this blog. loved your last line of this post. rofl. i am glad you're doing your job and teaching them what they should be learning. so proud of you.