Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I know it's not just about the grades, but at this point it is.

Can someone give me a good reason why students should come to school on Wednesday and Thursday when grades are due at closing bell on Tuesday? I didn't have a convincing one for my students today....


Capitola said...

because you'll feed them candy? (and if your me bring a cute animal to school)

Other than that...I got nothing.

Jackie said...

My reason is to turn in the textbook. And we're going to eat cake. Maybe watch a movie. Or play apples to apples.

I have no idea who makes the schedule and what they're thinking.

Sarah Cannon said...

Eh. Only a dozen showed up on Monday and Tuesday anyway. I didn't have textbooks to handout earlier in the year, so we couldn't collect them. And for some reason I wasn't feeling the whole party thing.

So I used the quiet room to figure out my purchase order for next year. Tomorrow, my last day "with students" will be a clean-up day. Not the best teaching. It makes the year end feel really anticlimactic.

*shrugs* Some of the thinking that goes on here is not worth fighting over. This is not my time for this battle.