Friday, May 9, 2008

Such a rebel

I got written up yesterday.

For letting students come in for tutoring.

They came to my window to ask me to open the door. My phone rang at the same point, hall monitor saying the doors were locked and she would not open them for the students. I walked to the entrance, escorted them back to my room. I figure explaining that I got written up for trying to give students extra help so they could graduate would not look bad on my record.

Thankfully, I think my assistant principal agrees.


Jackie said...

*shaking head* Really? Does this write up go in your file?

Sarah Cannon said...

I have no idea. Haven't been told anything else about it. *shrug*

I did tell students today that they needed to be there by 4:30. And then had to apologize because I was required to be at a staff meeting until 4:30. Rules and schedules are inconsistent enough to be a nightmare for everyone.