Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Attitude workout

My resolution to write regular positive posts is supposed to be an exercise for me in part so that it's easier for me to decide to come back next year.

This week the exercise is a challenge. We have a new semester starting with the new class schedule (that I'm unhappy with). We have G-Testing in a set-up that frustrates me.

This week, my attitude's not where it should be and that's my fault. Hopefully this attitude workout helps.

The students in my new class are mostly freshmen. The students in my other classes are predominately juniors and seniors. Spending the classtime with the younger students gives me a better perspective about the differences between age levels. It helps me remember that all of my students are on a journey and that I am only with them for a short walk along the way. While we walk together we shape each other paths, but it such an incomplete picture of each other. Remembering that perspective, remembering how much my students walk apart from me and how much I walk apart from them is valuable.

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