Friday, January 18, 2008

No longer paying attention to inservice...

I think part of my bind with the General Math is not knowing what the class is supposed to be. I don't know how students are sorted into general math versus pre-algebra.

Yesterday, I gave a lesson on using the Order of Operations. The two boys who I suspect are ADD were done with the assignment before we'd made it through the first example. (And of course I couldn't find the right puzzle to keep them going for the rest of class.) On the other end of the spectrum, one student couldn't multiply 7 and 1 without looking at a multiplication chart. Obviously I need some serious differentiation.

This weekend, I'm heading out of town. Some friends convinced me to buy a ski pass when they were on sale in October. I've never been downhill skiing before, but I went ahead and bought it knowing that I need to take myself away from town sometimes in order to give myself a mental break.

I'm taking the computer with me, but I don't know if I'll have internet access. Hopefully I'll be able to step back enough to get a sense of where this class (and all there others) are going to go.


GS said...

Hi Sarah,

I'm enjoying reading your blog via RSS, but it's annoying that the full post is not included in the feed. If you don't mind, would you be able to change that setting?

Thanks for considering the request.

Sarah Cannon said...

Done. I think. Let me know if it's not working.